San mateo car wash was established: August 8, 2009 by a local family with over 35 years experience in the industry. We operate 3 car washes in the bay area with only one goaL: provide customers the best car wash experience while providing an efficient, personable, clean service.


We are privileged to live in such a beautiful part of California. In the Bay Area, the weather is warm but cool, the people are productive yet friendly, and we have one of most bountiful economy in the world. My father, Alfred Lam, came to San Francisco as an immigrant in the late 1960s. As a teenager, he worked at Divisadero Car Wash located in San Francisco as an entry level vacuum boy. As the years progressed and my father matured, the owner saw potential in Alfred and offered him the opportunity to manage Redwood City Car Wash. In 1983, Alfred acquired ownership of the Redwood City location and is still currently active today. In 1996 he acquired ownership of Hayward Car Wash which is also still an active site and operated by his right hand, Tivo Echeverria. Although it is our newest and smallest location, San Mateo Car Wash specializes in personable detail work tailored to a vehicle's individual needs. All of our locations began as touch-less hand wash wash systems. Until recently, wash equipment was known for damaging cars and were unsustainable. In 2016, our family invested in wash equipment for all three locations which maximizes the value for the customer while delivering an even better service. 

Growing up in a family specializing in the car care industry, I have learned much about running an efficient business, communicating effectively with both employees and customers, and providing an unmatched service that dignifies ourself from the competition. Combining my degree in Communication Studies and all the knowledge I have learned from my father and car wash operators around the world, my goal is to reflect our passion for this business through your customer experience and overall final product. 

Come on in, experience our service, and please provide us constructive feedback so that we can improve ourselves to earn and keep your business. 

-Jonny Lam
Son, Future Car Wash Operator
2016 Christmas Employee Party, San Mateo & Redwood City

2016 Christmas Employee Party, San Mateo & Redwood City