My family has believed for over 25 years that "Touchless, Hand washing" was the the most effective way to clean a vehicle. As of 2016, all three of our sites switched from hand washing to automatic equipment and have not regretted it one bit. Equipment provides a faster service, relief of labor for my employees, and offers a brilliant shine in our final product. 

Motor City Wash Works, a leading equipment innovator, has installed various key equipment components that cleans your vehicle three times faster than regular hand washing. High density foam caresses every inch of your vehicle and doesn't retain any dirt commonly found in hand wash mitts. Lubricated friction along with proper chemistry can alleviate the hardest dirt and grime commonly found on vehicles. 

Nervous about washing your car with equipment?


we were too.


Its hard to move from the embedded negative stigma that car wash equipment could potential scratch your vehicle. However, our state-of-the-art system has proved to be safer and more efficiently consistent compared to hand washing which can have a lot of variables such as employee fatigue or carelessness. 

Still concerned? Not a problem! We understand what its like to care for your vehicle. 

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